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Maximum Power for Maximum Torque

Leverage WrenchStubborn, lock tight, over-tightened nuts and bolts, cut knuckles, sore wrist, and not enough leverage are now a thing of the past!

Welcome to the newest tool on the market, The LeverageWrench. A tool designed to solve all your rusty nut and bolt wrenching problems. This beautiful, but tough, hand-crafted tool is built from pure 1018 alloy and oxide dipped for a rust-proof finish. The Leverage Wrench also features pressed-in magnets for extra wrench support. It is designed to couple with a wrench to maximize torque while protecting your wrench.

As we all know, all tool manufacturers recommend that mechanics do not use anything that can bend, spread, break, or in any way damage the open end of a wrench, such as pipes, pry bars, etc.

Because of the LeverageWrench's unique design, it will not bend or break the open end of the wrench, but it will break loose any bolt, or it will make it just as tight if you so desire. Putting one wrench box end inside another wrench open end is not only dangerous but a thing of the past.

Open your mind to a new tool. You cannot afford to slip and break an expensive sensor or part. With the LeverageWrench you will have maximum power that you can control. The LeverageWrench will fit most major brand wrenches.

Small Leveragewrench - holds sizes 8-14mm or 5/16"-9/16"
Do not exceed wrench thickness of 0.250"

Medium Leveragewrench - holds sizes 15-19mm or 5/8-3/4"
Do not exceed wrench thickness of 0.275"

Large Leveragewrench - holds sizes 20-26mm or 13/16-1"
Do not exceed wrench thickness of 0.370"

*Wrenches not included

Remember, if you want maximum power out of your wrenches,
use the LeverageWrench for maximum torque!

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